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Getting My Boyfriend Back in Love
Thursday, 10 June 2010
Love MY Boyfriend
We all do and say things we sometimes don't think all the way through. If that line sums up your most recent break up then here are some ways for getting your boyfriend back. As women we sometimes forget how simple guys really are. In fact, most guys need you to just come out and say what you want for them to understand. Playing mind games and getting mad at them because they can't read your mind will eventually ruin any relationship.

Men are completely different people than us so we must remember that in any situation we face. Before you start screaming at him, just breath and tell him calmly how you feel. If you suspect he is cheating let him know, or at least have hard facts before approaching him about it.

If saying the wrong thing got you dumped, or even made you do the dumping, sometimes being honest can fix a lot. Try to explain to your recent ex why you got so worked up and that you are sorry for taking it that far. Most women love to argue and can tend to be a bit dramatic, don't forget that when getting into it with your significant other. Getting your boyfriend back can be simple, but if you use this kind of communication while you were together in the first place the breakup could have been avoided.

Now remember all this advice is based on the fact that you messed up, but not that bad. These tactics probably wouldn't be as efficient for cheating or affair scandals. There is no excuse for those because we all simply know better. If cheating has always been your thing, try finding a man you can have an open or swinging relationship with. I am a firm believer that there is someone out there for everyone, but if you are not honest about what you want, your interfering with that plan.

Men are emotional, but in their own way. Some guys have egos that need to be petted regularly to avoid any crazy outburst, or jealous accusations. When you are dating someone you have to respect their views and feelings. If they make a request you think is out of line or ridiculous, just say that. Let them know up front how you feel about things so there is no confusion later. Although, speaking from experience all of us women will inevitably change our minds!

The best tool to really getting your boyfriend back is to not let them go in the first place. Keeping an open line of communication and trusting each other will take you far. Most importantly to all the women out there, no guy is absolutely perfect. If he meets all your requirements but happens to bite his nails, get over it. There are fewer and fewer nice guys around so if you find a decent one take time with them, and don't try to turn them into who you want to be.

Posted by collin14alston at 10:31 AM EDT
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